How I Treated Depression Without Antidepressants

depressionDepression affects an estimated 350 million people worldwide. In the United States alone, an estimated 16 million people suffer from depression. That’s about 7% of the population. It comes in many forms-major depression, persistent depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, seasonal affective disorder, post-partum depression, psychotic depression-the list goes on.

The purpose of this post isn’t to go into detail on each form of depression, but rather to give you a basic overview of depression and its symptoms. I would also like to share my personal experience with depression as well as how I was able to wean myself off of antidepressants and treat my depression naturally. Continue reading

Kick a Sore Throat Fast

kick a sore throat fast

You know the feeling of a sore throat coming on-it hurts to swallow or you have a slight tickle in the back of your throat. If you’re like me, you prefer to take care of that sore throat naturally. I’ve tried several remedies and came up with a concoction we affectionately refer to as foul tea. As the name suggests, it tastes terrible. But it kicks a sore throat fast. So let’s take a look at the benefits of each ingredient and then how to make the tea and get the most benefit out of it. Continue reading