Reducing Waste Saves Money

wasteOne of the difficulties of living in such a rural area is dealing with trash. No matter how hard you work at it, you will still produce some waste. The only trash pickup in our area is expensive, so we have been motivated to be more aware of how much waste we produce. We have also needed to get creative when disposing of our garbage. How have we been able to avoid paying for regular trash pickup? Keep reading! Continue reading

Organize Your Housecleaning Routine

housecleaningDo you have trouble getting to the housecleaning each week? Sometimes we are so busy we can barely keep up with work, kids, pets, and more. I struggle to keep with the housework, too. The key is to find a system that works for you and stick to it. Let’s talk about a couple of different ways to manage your housecleaning schedule and the pros and cons of each. I even have a couple of printables for you to make it easier to keep track. Continue reading