Slow Cooker Recipe Roundup 5 Dinner Ideas and a Breakfast Recipe

slow cookerI love to spend time in the kitchen. My favorite hobbies include searching Google for new recipes, cooking new recipes, trying new kitchen gadgets, eating new foods, and just about anything else food related. I especially love making as much of a meal as possible from scratch. But I do not have unlimited time at my disposal and cooking from scratch takes time. So on busy days, my slow cooker is my best friend. Today I am sharing some of my favorite slow cooker recipes from around the web. Click on the titles to see the recipes and enjoy!

Honey Garlic Chicken

This recipe is AMAZING! I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make and how delicious it was. We ate ours over noodles because my husband doesn’t like rice. I think it would be great with sticky rice, too.

Barbecue Ribs

slow cooker

These ribs are fall-apart tender and only take 3 ingredients. Plus you can use bottled sauce or homemade. I adore this homemade sauce and it’s easy to make.

4-Ingredient Orange Chicken

This is another insanely easy recipe that packs amazing flavor. I’ve made this one with homemade orange jam or barbecue sauce, too. I like to serve it with fried rice, another easy dish to put together.

Baked Beans with Baconslow cooker

You can make these beans heartier by adding seasoned ground beef. You could also start with dry beans. I know I always have several bags in my pantry and it’s a great way to use them up, which leads me to the next recipe.

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Easy Chili

I make a big batch of this chili when it’s cold outside. There’s something very comforting about a bowl of hot chili. We love to mix in some sour cream and top it with green onions and pickled hot peppers (which I make myself.)

Breakfast Casserole

slow cookerI like to make this recipe when we have to be somewhere early. I start it the night before and when we get up, breakfast is made. And bonus, it’s very filling.



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What are your favorite slow cooker recipes? Let me know in the comments below! Then check out some more recipes:

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