Product Review: Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter Replaces Disposable Lint Rollers

pet hairWith 5 cats and 5 dogs, there’s pet hair all over our house. With my husband’s skin sensitivities, it’s especially important to keep our bed as hair-free as possible. We used to go through 5-10 disposable lint rollers a month. That adds up, plus it create a lot of waste. (You can read more about how we’ve minimized trash by going paperless here.) Then I found these Pet Hair Lifters, and they have almost completely replaced disposable lint rollers in our house. I pretty much only keep one in my purse for when we’re out and about. So today I’m sharing the pros and cons of these lint removers, so you can decide if they’ll work for you!

How It Removes Pet Hair

The Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter looks like a yellow sponge. You simply run it over whatever surface you need to clean to remove hair and lint. It works on multiple fabrics, but I’ll go into more detail later. When it’s dirty, just rinse it off and it’s good as new. And they’ll save you money.

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The Pros

pet hair

  1. It saves money. You can buy one sponge for about the cost of a lint roller from Wal-Mart. And it lasts, possibly forever. We bought 2 and have had them for about two years. They show no signs of needing to be replaced so far.
  2. They’re easy to use. Just swipe over whatever you need to clean and it picks up the hair! When it starts to seem “full,” pick off the accumulated hair and keep going.
  3. They pick up a lot of hair. When I use these on our furniture, I am amazed at how much hair they pick up. I think they do a better job than the sticky lint rollers.
  4. They’re easy to clean. After several uses, they get a little gunked up. But they can easily be cleaned with just water. Since I have 2, I just rub them together under running water and they’re good as new!
  5. It works on just about anything.¬†They’re good for window screens, lampshades, blinds, drapes, tile, lights, ceiling vents, baseboards, heat registers, computer screens, walls, woodwork, carpets, upholstery and clothing.
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The Conspet hair

  1. They can be a little difficult to use on clothing that you’re wearing. It can be hard to get everywhere if you’re wearing something and trying to clean it. I will usually hang clothing on a door and then clean it. Having it flat and on a hard surface helps.
  2. Sometimes they build up static, especially on large surfaces. This can actually cause the clumps of hair that have gathered to stick more to whatever you’re cleaning. The best way to get around this is to get the sponge a little damp. I like to do this with a spray bottle. The instructions say to use the sponge dry, but I have found that the little moisture prevents static. I think it also helps the sponge to pick up a little better.

Final Thoughts

There really isn’t much I don’t like about these hair removers. I do love that they almost completely replace sticky lint rollers and saves us a ton of money.

How do you deal with pet hair? Share in the comments below!

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