Organize Your Housecleaning Routine Make it Easier to Keep Up With Your Housework

housecleaningDo you have trouble getting to the housecleaning each week? Sometimes we are so busy we can barely keep up with work, kids, pets, and more. I struggle to keep with the housework, too. The key is to find a system that works for you and stick to it. Let’s talk about a couple of different ways to manage your housecleaning schedule and the pros and cons of each. I even have a couple of printables for you to make it easier to keep track.

Weekly vs. Daily Housecleaning Schedule

Some people like to do all their housework on one day. If your schedule allows, this is one way to get the housework done and out of the way. This gives you less housework to do the rest of the week. But it can be difficult to get it all done in one day. And there are still daily chores that need to be done regardless. A daily cleaning routine can be finished in as little as 30 minutes. For many hat’s much easier to squeeze in than a cleaning marathon. For me, trying to do everything in one day is tiring so certain things may get skipped. By doing just a few things onĀ  my cleaning list each day, more of the chores actually get finished each week.

What can help you make sure no chores get missed?

Make a Housecleaning Checklist

Making a list ensures nothing is forgotten. When it comes to cleaning, it can be helpful to make a list of chores based on how often they need to be done, such as daily, weekly, or monthly. Your list may look something like this: (or get the free printable chore list)

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Wash dishes

Wipe down counters

Sweep floor

Clean stove top

Empty trash


Put away clothes

Make beds

General pickup


Wipe down shower after using it

Wipe down sink

Living room/den

General pickup









Wipe down appliances

Clean trash can

Straighten up cabinets

Clean out fridge


Change bedding

Vacuum floor

Dust furniture

Organize closets

Living room/Den

Dust furniture

Vacuum floors

Laundry (you can set aside one day for all laundry or work on one load per day)housecleaning





Fold and put away


Clean inside kitchen appliances

Clean inside bathroom cabinets

Clean lights, switches, and doorknobs

Wipe down washer and dryer

Wipe down doors

Dust ceiling fans

Clean out freezer

Dust air vents and baseboards

Wash windows

Clean up garage

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Decide What Kind of Schedule Works For You

Whew, that’s a lot of work. I’m exhausted just looking at this list, and if you have kids, I’m sure the list is longer. I like to break my list up and do a little each day. That way I generally don’t spend more than an hour a day on housework. I plan chores that take longer on days my schedule isn’t so packed. And I choose a couple of items from the monthly list each week. This way I stay on top of the housework without it being a marathon. My weekly schedule looks something like this: (here’s a printable version of my weekly chore schedule)

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Daily chore listhousecleaning

Weekly bathroom list


Daily chore list

Weekly kitchen list

1-2 items from monthly list


Daily chore list

Weekly bedroom list


Daily chore list


Weekly living room list

1-2 items from monthly list


Daily chore list

Finish any laundry that may be left


Catch up on anything you didn’t finish during the week

What helps you keep up with housework despite a busy life? Let me know in the comments below! Then read more:

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