How I Lost Weight Without Really Trying

weightI try hard to eat healthy and get enough exercise. I’m not perfect at it, especially working out. I’m not a couch potato by any means; I do a lot of physical activities. I just don’t always stick to a workout regimen. When I do workout, I like to use the Wii Fit program. I jumped on after about a month and was surprised that I had lost 8 1/2 pounds. Since I hadn’t been working out, I started to rack my brain for why. So I’m sharing what I think worked for me, and how I lost weight without really trying.

Small Changes Can Help with Weight Loss

weightI eat pretty healthy. I buy organic as much as possible, I make most of our meals from scratch, we don’t eat out very often, and we almost never eat processed foods. But when I snack, I do have a sweet tooth and I love tortilla chips. I knew I needed to cut back on my snacking. But it was hard for me to stop snacking, so I decided to try snacking healthier. I tried snacking on organic baby carrots, sliced bell peppers, celery sticks, apples, and pistachios to name a few.

If you’ve read any of this blog, you know I love my coffee. I’m not much for black coffee though, so my habit was to put creamer in my coffee every day. I do buy the natural creamers when I can. But when I started making cold-brewed coffee (read about it here), I didn’t need creamer anymore. So I’ve been drinking it black.

These may not seem like big things, but when I stepped on the scale and lost 8 1/2 pounds without working out all the time or thinking about it, I was amazed. It motivated me to keep going with these healthier changes.

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Other Changes

There’s a few other small changes you can make that will help you to feel better and maybe even lose weight. Consider the following:weight

  • Drink more water and less soda. Many of us reach for a soda for an afternoon pick-me up, but it just makes us more dehydrated and causes a crash a little while later. Water will keep you hydrated and is much better for you. If you find it hard to enjoy water, try these ideas. And if you want something other than water, try herbal teas. There are so many flavor options available that are delicious hot or iced.
  • Eat out less. There’s usually a ton of unhealthy additives in the food at restaurants, especially fast food places. They’re convenient, but not good for you. Plus making your own meals will save you a ton of money. Even brown-bagging it for work a couple of times a week will make a difference.
  • If you don’t like black coffee, look for healthier alternatives to the chemical-filled, sugar-laden creamers that are readily available.
  • Analyze your snacking habits. If you normally reach for junk food, try snacking on fresh fruits and veggies, or some of the other suggestions found here. And stop buying the junk food, or at least buy less of it. If it’s not in the house you won’t eat it.
  • Try to eat smaller portions. Research shows that if you use a smaller plate you will eat less. It tricks your brain into thinking you’re eating more. The benefits are obvious.

Final Thoughts

Small changes are much easier than going on a “diet” when you’re trying to lose weight. Thinking about going on a diet makes it seem more difficult than it is. And once you start to feel better and maybe even lose a few pounds, you’ll be motivated to keep going. Start small, maybe with only one or two things. You don’t have to do it overnight. And don’t forget to treat yourself once in a while. There’s nothing wrong with the occasional reward. Plus it makes it easier to eat better when you have a treat to look forward to.

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What changes do you make to eat healthier? Share in the comments below, then read more:

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