How to Pamper Yourself on a Budget 13 Ideas for Taking Care of Yourself

pamperSometimes you need to take some time and just pamper yourself. Whether you need a break or you’ve been feeling stressed or anxious and just need to unwind, it’s healthy to take that time for yourself. Even taking 15 minutes has psychological and physical benefits. You’ll feel refreshed and happier. When you focus on an activity just for you, your stress level goes down. Taking the time to refresh yourself is good for the people around you, too. If you’re less frustrated, you get along with others better.

This pampering or me time can be anything you enjoy, whether it’s a bubble bath, a long hike, or a good book. It just needs to be something you enjoy and leaves you feeling refreshed. But what if you are tight on money? How can you pamper yourself and recharge the batteries when it seems like you have no cash to spare? Read on!

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Spa Time

Maybe you enjoy the pampering of a spa day. That can get pricey. But with some homemade items made with stuff you probably already have around the house, you can create your own spa day!


  1. Make a turmeric facial mask, found here. I love this mask and try to use it a couple of times a week. It leaves my skin cleansed and soft.
  2. Have a warm foot soak with epsom salt and your favorite essential oils. I personally love lavender for relaxation. This foot bath is amazing. It keeps the water hot, has soothing bubbles, and rollers for massaging the bottoms of your feet.
  3. Better yet, take a hot bath with epsom salt and essential oils. Or make these amazing homemade bath bombs. This is another idea that you can customize with different essential oils.
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Bookworm or Netflix Addicts

pamperI love to read and I also love Netflix. But I often read at night to fall asleep or listen to Netflix/Hulu as only background noise. This means I’m not fully paying attention. So if I really want to pamper myself, this is what I do:

  1. Turn on my diffuser with my favorite blend of essential oil blends. My favorite is an equal mix of peppermint, lavender, and grapefruit oils. I also enjoy cinnamon oil.
  2. Make a cup of my favorite tea. I especially love hibiscus tea. Sometimes I grab snacks, too.
  3. Put on some comfy clothes, whether it’s sweats, pj’s, or a soft, comfy robe.
  4. Get comfortable on the sofa and enjoy a good book or a show I’ve been wanting to see.

This one could also become a theme. For example, make it a Star Wars marathon or a chick flick marathon.

Other Ideas

Try these other ideas for me time:

  1. If exercise recharges your batteries, take a walk or go an a hike. Plug in your headphones with your favorite playlist.
  2. If you love to cook or bake, pick a recipe you haven’t tried before and make it.pamper
  3. Invite a friend or friends over for tea, coffee, or a meal.
  4. Spend time helping others.
  5. Learn a new hobby or craft or catch up on some projects that need to be finished.
  6. Get a massage.

There is no right way to take some time for yourself. The important thing is to choose something you enjoy and that leaves you feeling refreshed, whether it’s spending some time by yourself or with friends. Hopefully you’ve gotten some ideas and can enjoy yourself without spending an arm and a leg!

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How do you relax and recharge? Let me know in the comments below! Then read on for more budget-friendly ideas:

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11 thoughts on “How to Pamper Yourself on a Budget

  1. Thank you for sharing. Tumeric is a great anti-inflammatory agent, so I’m interested to see how this works as a mask. I like to meditate for some me time and reading is a must as well. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the ideas! The mask really clears up my skin. It draws out a lot of impurities and leaves my skin smoother and tighter.

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