Get Rid of Stress with Essential Oils Includes 6 Blends for Calming

stressWe all get stress from time to time. Stress is defined as “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.” Simply put, stress can cause us to feel overwhelmed. We are busier than ever in this day and age and it can be tough trying to keep up with the demands of caring for a family, working, keeping up with friends, and the million and one things on our to-do-lists.

It’s hard to make the time, but it’s so important to de- stress once in a while. Stress can affect so much of your life, from your emotions, behaviors, and thinking ability, to your physical health. We all handle stress differently, so we can be affected in different ways. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, either. What helps one person unwind may not help another. The key is to find what works for you.

I love using essential oils. They have so many uses. Let’s talk about why essential oils are great for reducing your stress level and why they work so well.

How Do Essential Oils Reduce Stress?

Essential oils have a fragrant molecules that can have a direct effect on the areas of our brain in charge of controlling feelings of stress, anxiety and even panic and depression. In a sense, essential oils “adapt” to what we need. If you are restless or agitated, essential oils can have a calming effect. If you are depressed, the same oil can uplift your mood.

How to Use Essential Oils

  1. Inhale directly: I like to inhale directly from the bottle
  2. Rub directly on the skin: Mix with a carrier oil to avoid skin damage and rub into your temples, wrists or anywhere, for full body relaxation.
  3. Use on-the-go: You can buy an essential oil inhaler to carry with you. I like these ones. Or put a few drops in a handkerchief for stress relief on the go.
  4. Add to your shower: Use a few drops in your shower or bath.
  5. Use a diffuser: (I use this one.) Use a diffuser to make your whole room a stress-free zone. This is my personal favorite!
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Which Oils Should You Use For Stress?

Keep in mind that you may need to experiment a little to figure out what works best for you. What works for one person may not work for another. Some oils have a strong fragrance that is too much for some people. So just keep tweaking it until you figure out what you like. It would be counterproductive if your oils were stressing you out more!

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Here is a list of oils that are great for stress and some symptoms they help with:

  1. Ylang ylang: anger, confusion, depression, irritability
  2. Orange: anxiety, fear, frustration, depression
  3. Geranium: agitation, discouragement, mood swings
  4. Lavendar: anxiety, concentration, depression, grief, irritability, mood swings, panic, restlessness
  5. Peppermint: concentration, confusion, mood swings, frustration, forgetfulness

Essential Oil Blends to Reduce Stress

The following blends contain the oils above and can be used in any of the methods listed. Download the chart to keep it handy!


What essential oils help you unwind? Let me know in the comments! Then read more about essential oils:

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