How to Add Tags in OneNote A Quick Way to Organize Your Digital Bullet Journal

tagsMy post on using OneNote to replace your paper bullet journal continues to be the most popular on this blog, so I’m sharing more tips to organize your journal and your life. Today’s topic: adding tags to your lists in OneNote.

Why Are Tags Helpful?

OneNote has a nice list that you can add to your list. These include checkboxes, movies to see, address, phone number, books to read, priority, and many more! It’s not hard to imagine how this can improve your digital bullet journal. Even better, you can search a specific tag to see everything you’ve marked with it. Keep reading to see screenshots and learn how to add this useful feature to your journal!

Here you can see some of the tags I use in my bullet journal. I have several checklist items, some finished, some not. In this particular list, I have also used the ones for books and movies.
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How to Add Tags

Begin by navigating to the list you would like to edit.

Click on the “Home” tab and navigate to the “Tags” box. (It’s circled in the screenshot.) Click the dropdown arrow to see what’s available.


Here you can see the choices available. There are so many! Some examples are critical, important to-do, phone number, remember for blog. You can easily imagine how helpful these are to staying organized. Simply click the tag to add it. To add it to an existing item, simply highlight the item, and click the tag you want.

How to Search Your Tags

This is one of my favorite features! You can easily search by tag to quickly locate your list items.

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Click on the “Home” tab again. Go over to “Find Tags”, and click.


Over on the right, a panel appears with every tag you’ve used. You can change how they’re grouped, and collapse or expand each label.

As you can see, adding tags in OneNote to get organized is super easy! It’s one more reason I love OneNote for my bullet journal.

Do you use a paper bullet journal or digital? What do you like best about it? Share in the comments below, then read more:

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