5 NuWave Oven Recipes from the Web This Appliance is Truly Versatile

recipesAll week I’ve been talking about what I love about my kitchen appliances, especially my NuWave Oven. You can read my full review here. I love how versatile it is, how easy it is to use, and the fact that using it doesn’t make my house hotter in the summertime. Today I’ve rounded up some amazing recipes you can make in the NuWave Oven that showcase how versatile this kitchen appliance truly is.

Barbecue Chicken

recipesThis recipe for barbecue chicken cooks the chicken until it’s tender and juicy, while leaving a crisp outside. It really is mouthwatering. Find the recipe here.

Corned Beef and Cabbage

I love corned beef, but my husband does not. I tried it in my NuWave, though, and he loved it. It’s the only way he will eat corned beef. Find the recipe here, including instructions for each model of NuWave.

Baking a Cakerecipes

Okay, this is technically not a recipe. While you can do some baking in the NuWave, you will need to make some adjustments. This article is a great how-to that will come in handy when baking.

Hard Boiled Eggs

This one truly amazed me. It takes a long time to hard boil eggs on my little burner, but I do love egg salad. So I started looking around and found a way to make hard boiled eggs in my NuWave. Find it here. I usually make a dozen at a time. No water required.


Brownies are a classic, and they can easily be prepared in your NuWave. This recipe uses a box mix, but you can make them from scratch as well.

These 5 NuWave oven recipes from around the web showcase how truly versatile this handy appliance is.Click To Tweet

recipesIf you would like to try out the NuWave Oven, find it here.

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Have you used a NuWave Oven? What are your favorite recipes? Share in the comments below, then read more:

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