20 Facts About Me Get to Know JLyn

about meI think I’ve hit a bit of writer’s block lately. I have learned a lot about natural living in the last few years and I want to share it all. If I can help anyone to live a better life with what I have learned, then I have achieved my goal. I think my problem is that I feel like I have a lot to share and don’t know where to start. So for something different, I thought I would share a little more about myself and my family. And maybe you will feel like you know a bit more about me!

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20 Facts About Me

  1. I grew up with one brother, 5 years younger than me.
  2. I have been married for 5 years.
  3. My husband and I have 12 animals-5 dogs, 5 cats, 1 rooster and 1 chicken. It’s a lot of work and sometimes it feels like we live in a zoo. But most of them are rescues and it’s worth it. Bonus fact: We built our chicken coop almost entirely out of pallets and scrap materials. I’ll share more on that in another post.about me
  4. We live on the Navajo reservation in northeastern Arizona, about 1 1/2 hours from Four Corners. It’s a rural area but we live 20 minutes from Spider Rock and the scenery is gorgeous! I took this picture behind our house.
  5. We are trying to learn the Navajo language. Learning a language is tough, and after 3 years we are still just beginners. But we keep trying!
  6. My favorite TV show is I Love Lucy. I never get tired of watching it.
  7. I am a bookworm but don’t have nearly enough time to read. My favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird, and I love the movie with Gregory Peck.
  8. I have only been blogging for a month and feel completely overwhelmed with everything left to learn.
  9. I have been treated for depression but was able to wean myself off of antidepressants and treat it naturally. The side effects of the drugs were not pleasant and I do much better without them.
  10. Classic movies are the best! I love Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant, Doris Day, James Stewart, Spencer Tracy, Gregory Peck, Myrna Loy, and Alfred Hitchcock.
  11. I’m a total homebody. I could be perfectly happy staying home with my pets, my books,  my crafts, and Netflix.
  12. I have 2 fashion modes-tomboy and complete girly girl. I’m most comfortable in jeans and tshirts. But every once in a while I like to go all out and put on a fancy dress, do my hair and makeup, and actually wear heels.
  13. I hate going to doctors and taking prescription medication. I prefer to learn as much as possible and treat myself and my family naturally, with vitamins, herbs, and essential oils.
  14. When I was 3 years old, I needed stitches in my eyelid. I’d jumped out of my dad’s truck with a stick in my hand and nearly poked my own eye out. I had to see a plastic surgeon to get the stitches out.
  15. I love to cook, and make almost all of our food from scratch. I’m constantly searching Google for new recipes to try.
  16. Our wedding song was “Storybook Love” from the Princess Bride.
  17. We are huge sci-fi fans. My husband and I love both Star Wars and Star Trek, Doctor Who, Firefly, and The Twilight Zone, just to name a few.about me
  18. We still own a VCR and almost 400 VHS tapes. We’re trying to convert to disc or digital but it’s a slow process and some of them are hard to find.
  19. I eat gluten free and limit my dairy intake to minimize fatigue issues. It isn’t easy on a budget, but I make it work by cooking from scratch as much as possible. (See #15)
  20. I used to be an elementary school librarian for grades K-5. I resigned after almost 6 years. In all honesty, I was getting burned out. Sometimes I miss my students, but I had to take care of myself.
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Is there anything else you would like to know about me? Let me know in the comments below! Then read more:

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5 thoughts on “20 Facts About Me

  1. What natural antidepressant works for you? I’m always trying to get completely off antidepressants too. Slowly weaned off high dose of lexapro year or so after my husband died, but ended up going back onto the lowest dose. I honestly can’t tell if it does much of anything, but since my mom died recently, I feel I need a little something. I try and walk most days and I know that helps too.

    1. I’m so sorry that you are having a hard time. A supplement called 5-HTP worked wonders for me. Also a change of environment was hugely helpful, though that’s not always possible for everyone. Making sure to get enough sleep is helpful; I’m always more crabby when I’m sleep-deprived. Exercise is one of the best things you can do for depression. We try to walk as often as possible, too. I will write an article in the future so I can go into more detail. Thank you so much!

  2. Wow!! You got me!! So many of your answers were word for word out of my mouth.
    Starting out can be so daunting. I stopped and started for months. Just follow Dory’s advice…. “Just Keep Swimming.”
    I cant wait to see where you take your blog!!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! Sometimes the hardest part is just getting started, but I agree that Dory’s advice is great.

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