14 Easy Summer Snacks Healthy and Kid Friendly

summerSummer is here and that likely means more snacking! Around here we tend to reach for stuff like chips and sweets, but I’ve been working hard to change that. So today I’m sharing a list of summertime snacks that are healthy, kid-friendly, and easy!

Summer Snacks

Sweet Snackssummer

  1. Mixed berries. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries are full of healthy antioxidants and can even help satisfy a sweet tooth. They also make a great smoothie.
  2. Homemade popsicles. This recipe tells you how to do it, and includes variations!
  3. Fruit kabobs. These are a ton of fun, and can be made with any mix of fruit: pineapple, apple slices, grapes, and more!
  4. Sliced melon. Chilled watermelon, cantelope, and honeydew are readily available in the summer.summer
  5. Dried fruit. Raisins, cranberries, pineapple, mango, the list goes on-dried fruit is delicious and you can even make it yourself.
  6. These loaded breakfast bars. We eat these for breakfast, but they make a great anytime snack.
  7. Banana “ice cream.” This recipe is super easy and healthier than ice cream. Plus it’s great for people who are sensitive to dairy. And who doesn’t love ice cream in the summer?summer
  8. Frozen grapes. This is as simple as washing and drying your grapes, and popping them in the freezer. They’re like tiny fruity popsicles, but are much easier.
  9. Apple slices and peanut butter. This is a classic, but it’s one of our favorites.
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Veggies and Salty Snackssummer

  1. String cheese. Or even better, save money by cutting your own cheese sticks.
  2. Cucumber, carrot, and celery sticks. These can keep you hydrated on a hot day. You can even put peanut butter and raisins on the celery to make ants on a log.
  3. Homemade cheesy crackers. I haven’t tried this recipe yet, but it sounds amazing!summer
  4. Popcorn. I like to make our popcorn in coconut oil. It’s healthier than butter and doesn’t affect the flavor. As long as you’re careful what you put on it, popcorn isn’t terrible for you!
  5. Cherry tomatoes. I can snack on these by the handful. They don’t usually last long in our house!
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What are your favorite summer snacks? Share in the comments below, then read more:

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